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Das Gedicht einer Mutter

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Wenn ich das Gedicht, das ich schon vor 2-3 Jahren an meine Kinder geschrieben habe nicht endlich mal veröffentliche,
sind die Kinder bald ausgezogen 😉 
Irgendwie fühlt es sich aber jetzt genau richtig an!!!
Also quatsche ich nicht mehr lange drum rum,
sondern lasse euch einfach teilhaben:

Dear little Giants

There are two little giants who make my life whole
They live in my house, try to reach every goal

I love you both from the very first time
You make me yours and I make you mine

You are growing and growing from day to day
It´s such a wink then you go your own way.

So I will remember about the whole things
we made together and what tomorrow will brings

We listened to Sam when the fire starts burn
you want to be firefighters, press repeat and return

We know Momo and Findus and Thomas the train,
its a good employment when the sky´s full of rain

There is playing and laughing and a lot´s of fun
we are on playgrounds, build sandcastles and run

We like dragons and Batman want to climb every tree
We went to Fantasia, the center of earth and 80.000 miles under the sea

We sit together and read book over book
We know the little Prince, Peter Pane and of course
Captain Hook

There is dirty laundry and mud and never silence, that´s true
but when I see your happy faces my heart jumps and the skys are so blue

Please stay curious, wild and make very loud noise
be always yourself, my two little boys

Believe in miracles on every day
And if they happen, then make them stay

It is a fact, I am better for knowing you
That´s what I think and I know your Dad too

Stay in Gods glory a whole life long
Tell him every story, pray and he makes you strong

No Matter if watching or only hearing and touch
I´m always your mum and I love you so much !



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